The Golden Rule of GenderGenesis 1:27 – “in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them.”

This principle explains that by applying higher Law to what humankind regards as sex, the sexual union can become divine. The sexual union of the physical body and mind, immersed in the vibration of spiritual copulation (right thought and right action), will result in the procreation of spiritual offspring. True joy and ecstasy is experienced only in this divine creation.

There Is Gender in Everything

Creation Manifests When Balance is Perfected Between Two Opposites.

The seventh Principle, the Principle of Gender, embodies the idea that there is Gender manifest in everything. The masculine and feminine principle is ever present and active in all phases of phenomena, on each and every level of life. Point your attention to the fact that Gender, in the spiritual sense, and sex in the ordinary accepted use of the term, are similar, but different in scope.

1+1=1 – the divine sum

The purpose of Gender is solely that of creating, producing, generating, etc., and its manifestations are visible on every level of existence. It is somewhat difficult to produce facts of this along scientific lines, because science has not yet recognized this Principle as a universal application. Still, some facts are forthcoming from scientific sources.

There is a distinct spread of the Principle of Gender among the subatomic particles such as electrons, the interactions of which form the basis of the chemical bond as science now knows it. The formation of an ionic compound (such as sodium chloride, common table salt) is caused by the attraction between opposing, charged particles. That is to say, when sodium gives up a negatively charged electron to chlorine, the sodium becomes positively charged; and when chlorine accepts the electron from sodium, the chlorine becomes negatively charged.

The compound, sodium chloride, results because the sodium (+) and chlorine (-) ions are strongly attracted to one another by their opposite charges. Thus, two individual particles come together and create or generate something that is greater than either one of them could be by themselves. “It takes the joining of two opposites to make one.

The very universe in which we live is the joining of All that is possible and Nothing.

Genesis 2:22 – And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.”

The most ancient of teachings have always identified the masculine principal of Gender with the positive and the feminine with the so called negative points of electricity — POSSIBILITY and NOTHING. There is a point to be made regarding this identification. The public mind has formed an entirely erroneous impression regarding the qualities of the so called “negative” point of electrified or magnetized matter.

The word “positive” has taken on the meaning of something good and strong as compared to “negative” which has the connotation of being bad or weak. Nothing is further from the real facts of electrical phenomena.

The so-called negative pole of the battery is really the pole in and by which the generation or production of new forms and energies are manifested. There is nothing negative about it. The best scientific authorities now use the word “cathode” in place of “negative.” The word cathode comes from the Greek root meaning “descent; the path of generation, etc.”

From the cathode pole emerges the swarm of electrons. The cathode or negative pole is the mother principle of electrical phenomena. You may substitute the word “feminine” for the old term negative when speaking of the point of activity.

A feminine particle becomes detached from or, rather, leaves a masculine particle and starts on a new career. It actively seeks a union with a masculine particle, being urged by the natural impulse to create new forms of matter or energy (EVENTS). This detachment and uniting, what the chemists term bond making and bond breaking, forms the basis for the greater part of the activities of the chemical world.

When the feminine particle unites with a masculine particle, a certain process is begun. The feminine particles vibrate (resonate) rapidly under the influence of the masculine energy, and circle rapidly around the masculine resulting in the birth of a new entity. This new entity is composed of the union of the masculine and feminine (i.e. the positively charged sodium and the negatively charged chlorine).

After the union is complete, a new entity emerges and becomes a separate composition (i.e. sodium chloride), having certain properties but no longer manifesting the property of free electricity. The loss and gain of the feminine electrons by atoms is called ionization. These electrons are the most active workers in nature’s field. From their unions or combinations arise the varied phenomenon of electricity, attraction, repulsion, chemical affinity (resonance), and the reverse. All this activity originates from the operation of the Principle of Gender on the level of energy.

The role of the masculine principle seems to be that of directing a certain inherent energy toward the feminine principle and thus initiating the creative processes. The feminine principle is the one always doing the active creative work — and this is so on all levels. Each principle is incapable of operative energy without the assistance of the other.

In some life forms, the two principles are combined within one organism. For that matter, everything in the organic world manifests both genders. There is always the masculine present in the feminine form and the feminine present in the masculine form.

It is not necessary to recount here the chemical laws of attraction and repulsion between atoms, chemical affinity (resonance), and the attraction or cohesion between molecules. These phenomena are well-known and need no extended comment. Take into consideration that all of these laws are manifestations of the Gender Principle.

In addition, this lesson asserts that the very law of gravitation — that attraction by reason of which all particles and bodies of matter in the universe tend toward each other — is but another manifestation of the Principle of Gender which operates in the direction of attracting the masculine to the feminine energies, and vice versa.

How to Use This Information to Build Your Desired Life

It is greatly understood that there exist within us a subconscious and a conscious mind; the voluntary and involuntary mind; the active and passive mind, etc. Even greater understanding has been unveiled with the knowledge of the functions of the left and right brain hemispheres.

“I” + “Me” = YOU

The doctrine of the Principle of Gender on the mental level has existed throughout the years. The ancient philosophies took cognizance of the phenomenon of the “dual mind” and accounted for it with the theory of Mental Gender.

The concept of Mental Gender may be explained in a few words. The masculine principle of mind corresponds to the left brain; the objective, conscious mind. The feminine principle of mind corresponds to the right brain; the subjective, subconscious mind. While at first there seems to be only an “I” existing, a more careful and closer examination reveals the fact that there exists an “I” and a “Me.” These mental twins differ in their characteristics, and an examination of their natures and the phenomena arising from them will throw much light upon many of the problems of mental influence.

Begin with a consideration of the “Me,” which is usually mistaken for the “I”. People think of self (in its aspect of “Me”) as being composed of certain feelings, tastes, likes, dislikes, habits, peculiar ties, characteristics, etc. All of these go to make up their personality or the “self” known to them and others. They know that these emotions and feelings change, are born and die away, and are subject to the Principles of Rhythm and Opposition which take them from one extreme of feeling to another. They also think of the “Me” as containing certain knowledge gathered by their minds and thus forming a part of themselves. This is the supposed “Me” of a human being.

The “Me” for most people may be said to consist largely of its identification with the body and physical appetites. Their consciousness is so bound to their bodily nature that this is where they “live.” Some go so far as to regard their personal apparel, cars, and homes as a part of their “Me.” These “clothes conscious” people readily lose their personality if deprived of their clothing. Even those who are not so closely bound to the idea of personal clothing stick closely to the consciousness of their bodies being their “Me.” They cannot conceive of a self independent of the body which certainly contributes to the degree and amount of sickness on this planet. To them, their mind seems to be “a something belonging to” their body — which in many cases it certainly is.

As you rise in the scale of consciousness, you are able to disentangle your “Me” from your body, and are able to think of your body as “belonging to” the mental part of yourself. Even then, you are very prone to identify the “Me” entirely with the mental states, feelings, and emotions existing within you. You are very likely to consider these internal states as identical with you, rather than “states” produced by some part of your mentality and existing within, of, and in you, but still not “you.” You may change these internal states of feelings by an effort of Will, and in the same way produce a feeling or state of exactly the opposite nature. Yet you notice the same “Me” exists.

After a while, you are able to set aside these various mental states, emotions, feelings, habits, qualities, characteristics, and other personal mental belongings. You are able to set them aside in the “not me” collection of curiosities and encumbrances as well as valuable possessions. Just as one would shed their clothes, these obstacles can be set aside. This requires much mental concentration and power of mental analysis on your part.

Following this laying aside (undressing) process, you will find yourself in conscious possession of a SELF which may be considered in its “I” and “Me” dual aspects. The “Me” will be felt to be something mental in which thoughts, ideas, emotions, feelings, and other mental states may be produced. It may be considered a mental womb, capable of generating mental offspring. It reports to the consciousness as a “Me,” with latent powers of creation and generation of mental progeny of all sorts and kinds. Its powers of creative energy are felt to be enormous. It seems to be conscious that it must receive some form of energy from either its’ “I” companion or else from some other “I” that it is capable of bringing into being through its mental creations. This combined consciousness brings with it a realization of an enormous capacity for mental work and creative ability.

The Two Sides of You

You soon discover that this is not all that you find within your inner consciousness. You find that part of you called your “I”. There is this dual aspect in the mind of every human being. The “I” represents the masculine principle of Mental Gender. The “Me” represents the feminine principle. The “I” represents the aspect of being; the “Me,” the aspect of becoming. You will notice that the Principle of Correspondence operates on this personal level just as it does upon the grand levels of universal creation. The two are similar in kind, although vastly different in degree. “As above, so below; as below, so above.”

These aspects of mind — the masculine and feminine principles — the “I” and the “Me” — considered in connection with well-known mental and psychic phenomena, turn the master-key to those dimly known regions of mental operation and manifestation. The principle of Mental Gender establishes the groundwork for the whole field of the phenomenon of mental influence.

The tendency of the feminine principle is always in the direction of receiving impressions, while the tendency of the masculine principle is always in the direction of giving out or expressing. The feminine principle has a much more varied field of operation than has the masculine. The feminine principle conducts the work of generating new thoughts, concepts, and ideas including the work of the imagination. The masculine principle concerns itself with the work of the Will in its varied phases. Yet without the active aid of the will, the feminine principle is apt to rest content with generating mental images received from the outside, instead of producing original mental creations.

Human beings who can give continued attention and thought to a subject use both of the mental principles — the feminine in the work of active mental generation, and the masculine will in stimulating and energizing the creative portion of the mind. The majority of people rarely use the masculine principle and are content to live according to the thoughts and ideas instilled into the “Me” from the “I” of other minds.

The student of psychic phenomena is aware of the variations classified under the titles of telekinesis, telepathy, Psychokinesis, thought transference, mental influence, suggestion, hypnotism, etc. Many have sought for an explanation for these varied phenomena.

In the phenomenon of telepathy it is seen how the vibratory energy of the masculine principle is projected toward the feminine principle of another person. The latter then takes the seed thought and allows it to develop into maturity. Suggestion and hypnotism operate in the same way. The masculine principle of the person giving the suggestion directs a stream of vibratory energy or Will Power toward the feminine principle of another person. The other person accepts it, makes it their own, and acts and thinks accordingly. An idea thus lodged in the mind of another person grows and develops, and in time is regarded as the actual mental offspring of his or her own.

The normal method is for the masculine and feminine principle in a person’s mind to coordinate and act harmoniously in conjunction with each other. Unfortunately, the masculine principle in the average person is too lazy to act, the display of Will Power too weak. The consequence is that such persons are ruled almost entirely by the minds and Wills of other persons whom they allow to do their thinking and Willing for them. How few original thoughts or original actions are performed by the average human.

Are not the majority of people mere shadows and echoes of others who possess stronger wills than they? The trouble is that the average person dwells almost altogether in his or her “Me” consciousness and does not realize that he or she has such a thing as an “I.” They are immersed in the feminine principle of mind, and the masculine principle, in which is lodged the Will, is allowed to remain inactive and under-employed.

The strong individuals of this world invariably manifest the masculine principle of Will and their strength depends materially upon this fact. Instead of living upon the impressions made upon their minds by others, they dominate their own minds by their Will, obtaining the kind of mental images desired, and moreover dominate the minds of others in the same manner.

Look at the strong people; how they manage to implant their seed thoughts in the minds of the masses, thus causing them to think thoughts in accordance with their highly developed Will. This is why the masses of people are such sheep-like creatures, never originating an idea of their own or using their own powers of mental activity.

The manifestation of Mental Gender may be noticed all around you in everyday life. There are the magnetic persons, politicians, and movie stars who are able to use the masculine principle in the way of impressing their ideas upon others. The actors and actresses who make people weep or cry as they will are using this principle. So are the successful orator, statesman, preacher, writer, and other people who has the public’s attention.

The peculiar influence exerted by some people over others is due to the manifestation of Mental Gender, along the vibratory lines described above. In this principle lies the secret of personal magnetism, personal influence, fascination, and attraction, as well as the phenomena grouped under the general classification of hypnotism.

The students who have familiarized themselves with psychic phenomena will have discovered the importance of that force which psychology has called “suggestion” — by which term is meant the process or method whereby an idea is transferred to or “impressed upon” the mind of another, causing the second mind to act in accordance therewith. A correct understanding of suggestion is necessary in order to intelligently comprehend the varied psychic phenomena which it underlies. In addition, knowledge of Vibration and Mental Gender is necessary for the student of suggestion, for they form the basis of the principle.

It is customary for those who write about and teach the subject of suggestion to explain that it is the objective or voluntary mind which creates the mental impression upon the subjective or involuntary mind. However, they do not describe the process or give any analogy in nature whereby you may more readily understand the idea. If you will think of the matter in the light of this lesson, you will be able to see that the energizing of the feminine principle by the vibratory energy of the masculine principle is in accordance with the universal laws of nature. The natural world affords countless analogies whereby the principle may be understood. This lesson shows that the very creation of the universe follows the same law, and that in all creative manifestations, upon the levels of the spiritual, the mental, and the physical, there is always in operation this Principle of Gender — this manifestation of the masculine and the feminine principle. “As above, so below; as below, so above.”

The Gender Principle “works” in practice because it is based upon the immutable universal laws of life. Further, there is in this present time as there has been in ancient times, an opening of the veil from “above to below” of the masculine force (some call God) projecting Himself into creation. As the story goes, from the feminine womb of ancient times, masculine vibratory energies were projected by half-god half-human individuals in order to generate living knowledge. This living knowledge was stored as a vibratory state within liquids (turn water into wine) known as elixirs, soma, and “Nectars of the Gods.” The psychokinetic technology of altering the vibratory state of a liquid to hold this masculine energy is an art of the highest mastery. It is the true meaning of TRANSUBSTANTIATION, for ordinary ingredients are transmuted to hold the spirit of God.